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Wruff Wryder Productions, LLC

Photography and Videography by Eric Davison

Eric Davison has been involved professionally with audio and visual productions for almost 2 decades. With an eye for detail and an ear for quality I have produced pieces that not only look good but sound wonderful as well. As a graduate of the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences I have worked in just about every venue from concert halls to recording studios to churches. I have handled anything from corporate audio and visual installations to Front of House to camera operator for TEDx events. I have recorded studio tracks for local bands, produced live audio and video recordings for a 200+ member choir with full orchestral accompaniment, as well as several promotional videos for non-profit organizations. I am currently involved with producing television spots and documentaries. I am also an accomplished and published photographer specializing mainly in landscape and nature scenes. With a passion for aerial photography and videography I recently received my sUAS pilot certification. 

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